Monday, November 5, 2012

Back in Germany....again!  Lets see what winter is like here.  Our three months home zoomed by, with more demo work, abatement, permits and finally the big day...tear down.  Over a hundred years of dust released into the cosmos in just a few hours.  In addition a trip to the ARC got me a great Django gypsy costume.  We even got a big west coast road trip and some camping in Arches to boot. Can I rest now?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A birthday in Germany

July 18th 2012, I'm 64 years old today.  A day of reflection.  How did I make it this far?  Fate?  Luck?
Celebration, relax, yoga, draw, Karaoke?  What a year.  Take siding off Custer house. Garage building. Germany, the cruise, back to Germany...oh and a trip to Dubai too.  Am I jet lagged or what.  Went to Heidelberg yesterday, an hour drive from Landstuhl.  We found an Indian place to eat, pricey but now everything is in relation to Kopenhaven now.
The Heidelberg castle over my right shoulder.