Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hanging at Winta Cottage

Wednesday December 7th.  Mojito worked most of morning, then we pretty much hanged at the cottage all day, sunning on deck and on slab under the house.  Ate whatever we could munch on when we were hungry, OMG...even ice cream/oreos, don't tell! Listened to great music from Mojito's Ipod, danced some too.  Just got a little crazy, we did.  A nice sunset too. Went to Karaoke at Brac Reef club, and then the prize of the day, saw eagle rays off the boat dock, three of them.  They would come by, drift out, come by again and repeat.  Dah, nobody brought a camera to dock.  Even thou it was night, a big light over dock would have shown rays real good. A lovely very colorful day.

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